Introducing CASSO Company Limited

Business information:
– Company name : CASSO Company Limited
– Enterprise identification number: 0316794479
– Address: I.102D, Information Technology Park, Linh Trung, Thu Duc City

As a leading enterprise in the Open Banking trend in Vietnam, Casso is always concerned about financial issues that businesses have encountered and are currently facing. From there, we provide suitable solutions to optimize operational processes and enhance competitiveness for Vietnamese businesses in the international market.

Vision and mission


Building infrastructure & the best open banking ecosystem in the world for the country.


Every business is a digital bank

Partner bank

Achieve formal partnership or collaboration agreements with multiple banks in Vietnam.

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Key products

Automating cash-flow-related tasks, helping businesses save thousands of work hours with financial solutions at Casso.

Automating post-payment cash flow-related tasks
Thanh toán dễ dàng với
Transforming bank accounts into a versatile payment gateway.

Pioneering technology for leading businesses

More than 1000 businesses are currently using Casso's products

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